Sunday, 22 December 2013

Strokes and Words

Some people express by words , some by action , some by music and a few by arts . Words are the most convenient form of expression . Its easy but limited . In a world filled with a  myriad of emotions and meanings , to express verbally is as tough as making a salad with just one fruit or making a cocktail with only one drink . When we are lost in the musing of our perplexed mind , is it words that's rambling or just thoughts that is yearning to be identified as a word . To express the thought with resolute authenticity is to kill the structure of the language . But thats not the case with arts .
An abstract art contains copious amount of thoughts poured on to a canvas . To translate that in to words would take up to millions of them , mostly repetitive and would only produce a pulp of the expression . So indigenous is art , hence requires no grammar or structure . Each one has its own style to stroke emotions . Art is an effortless way to convey deep and complex thoughts , that couldn't be expressed in the form of words . Yes it is vile to criticize words with words , how else could one proliferate the qualities of art without words , with art ?? To do that is like explaining a sign board with another sign board . That is where words find their essentiality . One cannot neglect the other , for none can survive without the other (strokes and words) .
So far in life I have been day dreaming most of the time . On a blue moon I express them on a canvas(digital) . Now that I have started loving words , I get the fun in defining stuffs with clarity and a structure . To express in a contrived manner with words in their grammar is as joyful as to express on a canvas with insane amount of freedom . In such scenarios , freedom and restrain mean the same .That is where the words transcend their individual meaning to define a vague expression , thus losing their structure but winning their purpose . I feel that there is an artist in every writer and a writer in every artist . Treating words as arts and arts as words transcends their boundaries and reach ultimate expression . May be that is why its said "Art of Writing" . But for me its the Joy of writing .

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