Friday, 24 May 2013

Using Adobe Ideas fro the iPad

Its a cool app . Its the most robust among all other drawing apps . Its pretty smooth , perfect set of tools for illustrating . Was fun working .

Illustration of Charlie Kaufman

This one's done in the iPad using "Adobe Ideas" . Usually Illustrations don't involve shadows , i just wanted to have some depth ,so I threw some shadows .I didn't want it to bother the existing lines , so used red instead of black .They are parts of the same painting but yet different .Part of the whole and whole of the part , Synecdoche!!!

I recently watched "Adaptation" . Immediately I wanted to watch "Synecdoche , New York " , and I did . The guy is a fucking genius . He is so sincere to film-making and writing . Another great script from this guy is "Eternal Sunshine of the spotless Mind " Directed by Michel Gondry , one of my favorite movies . I like the way he reflects his thoughts over his script . And all the absurdity and illusions created on screen just like the way it happens in one's mind . Uncompromising and authentic work of art delivered directly from his mind . Do check out the video below .