Sunday, 22 December 2013

Strokes and Words

Some people express by words , some by action , some by music and a few by arts . Words are the most convenient form of expression . Its easy but limited . In a world filled with a  myriad of emotions and meanings , to express verbally is as tough as making a salad with just one fruit or making a cocktail with only one drink . When we are lost in the musing of our perplexed mind , is it words that's rambling or just thoughts that is yearning to be identified as a word . To express the thought with resolute authenticity is to kill the structure of the language . But thats not the case with arts .
An abstract art contains copious amount of thoughts poured on to a canvas . To translate that in to words would take up to millions of them , mostly repetitive and would only produce a pulp of the expression . So indigenous is art , hence requires no grammar or structure . Each one has its own style to stroke emotions . Art is an effortless way to convey deep and complex thoughts , that couldn't be expressed in the form of words . Yes it is vile to criticize words with words , how else could one proliferate the qualities of art without words , with art ?? To do that is like explaining a sign board with another sign board . That is where words find their essentiality . One cannot neglect the other , for none can survive without the other (strokes and words) .
So far in life I have been day dreaming most of the time . On a blue moon I express them on a canvas(digital) . Now that I have started loving words , I get the fun in defining stuffs with clarity and a structure . To express in a contrived manner with words in their grammar is as joyful as to express on a canvas with insane amount of freedom . In such scenarios , freedom and restrain mean the same .That is where the words transcend their individual meaning to define a vague expression , thus losing their structure but winning their purpose . I feel that there is an artist in every writer and a writer in every artist . Treating words as arts and arts as words transcends their boundaries and reach ultimate expression . May be that is why its said "Art of Writing" . But for me its the Joy of writing .

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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Portrait of Ramana Maharishi

admire palette knife painting, especially ones with blocky strokes . I didn't have any conscious intention to make one . But after doing this portrait in Artrage(iPad) , I have gained quite an amount confidence to attempt palette knife painting in the future .

Ramana Maharshi (1879–1950) is widely acknowledged as one of the outstanding Indian gurus of modern times.Ramana's teachings on Self-enquiry originated in his own awakening at age 16, when he became firmly aware of death. It made him aware of the Self.Ramana Maharishi taught that every conscious activity of the mind or body, for example 'I think', 'I remember', 'I feel' 'I am acting', etc., revolves around the tacit assumption that there is an individual 'I' who is doing something, a common factor and mental fiction termed the 'I'-thought (a translation of Aham-Vritti, which literally means 'mental modification of 'I'). The individual "I" from which all thoughts arise is the ego/mind itself.
Sri Ramana equated individuality with the mind and the mind with the 'I'-thought which is dependent upon identification with an object, and said that after Self-realization there is no thinker of thoughts, no performer of actions and no awareness of individual existence. When the thoughts arise, he said, the 'I'-thought claims ownership of them — 'I think', 'I believe', 'I want', 'I am acting'. The individual "I' is the ego mind itself. In reality, truth, there is no separate 'I' that exists independently of the objects that it is identifying with, rather, an incessant flow of misidentifications based on an initial assumption that the 'I' is individual and associated with the bodily form. He considered this 'I am the body' idea as the primary source of all subsequent wrong identifications and its dissolution as the principal aim of self-enquiry.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Using Adobe Ideas fro the iPad

Its a cool app . Its the most robust among all other drawing apps . Its pretty smooth , perfect set of tools for illustrating . Was fun working .

Illustration of Charlie Kaufman

This one's done in the iPad using "Adobe Ideas" . Usually Illustrations don't involve shadows , i just wanted to have some depth ,so I threw some shadows .I didn't want it to bother the existing lines , so used red instead of black .They are parts of the same painting but yet different .Part of the whole and whole of the part , Synecdoche!!!

I recently watched "Adaptation" . Immediately I wanted to watch "Synecdoche , New York " , and I did . The guy is a fucking genius . He is so sincere to film-making and writing . Another great script from this guy is "Eternal Sunshine of the spotless Mind " Directed by Michel Gondry , one of my favorite movies . I like the way he reflects his thoughts over his script . And all the absurdity and illusions created on screen just like the way it happens in one's mind . Uncompromising and authentic work of art delivered directly from his mind . Do check out the video below .

Monday, 25 March 2013

iPad Art

 Painted using Brushes app on iPad


Samuel Jackson from the movie 1408 . Using SketchBook Pro on iPad .


Concept art using Art Rage iPad

Using Brushes 3 on iPad .