Monday, 20 August 2012

3D Typography

Had an idea to do a funky and a little bit futuristic typography . Sketched out something that came into my mind . In illustrator , I traced out the outlines and extruded it create a 3D effect . Exported to Photoshop for further work . Created a custom pattern with thick lines of red ,black and white colors . Distorted , skewed and transformations . Then masked them to fill the 3d extruded part .Then applied it on the front part of the text as well . Added some grunge texture with the 'Darker color' mode . Didn't expect this when I first imagined a typography . Then I realized that I am always ending up with some grunge stuff with red ,black being the major color in it . After all everyone has their own style . This is mine !

Sketch - BallPoint

 Outline - Illustrator

Photoshop for applying pattern and textures.

Shadows and shines for the extruded parts .

Adding grunge textures to the text and a rocky texture for the extruded areas .

Adding Background .