Saturday, 9 June 2012

Nagris Fakhri - Painting

This is the first time I tried painting using water colors , I really couldn't stop over doing things in this piece , I spent almost half a day with this portrait . Learned a lot from this experience . Wow , painting is pleasurable . I bought some brushes recently when my bro was getting stationary for his school few days back, Yesterday morning I saw them on my desk , I thought may be I would try something with it . I had this picture of Nagris Fakhri in my pc . Thought may be I could do a quick rough paint job, bcoz I don't really have any painting experience , like do a rough one first and then do the final one .But I started getting really in to the painting and went with the details . When I almost finished , I found that there were some mistakes . Then I spent a lot of time from then on and finally I got something satisfying .

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