Monday, 28 May 2012

Self Portrait - Pen Sketch

I didn't draw this using a mirror instead used my photo as a reference for creating this portrait . Used blue ball point pen .

Painted using grunge and splatter brushes in Photoshop.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Pen Sketch - SRK (Police Ad)

One bright morning in the class room , couldn't remain idle in the class . Saw a portrait of SRK in the newspaper . Took an hour to complete the pen sketch  ,then spent a few minutes  coloring the shades using color pencils .

Made a few touches using photoshop . Masked the shades and tried out different colors .

Pen Sketch - God of War

God of War .

Pencil Sketch - Wolverine

Wolverine , my favorite super hero .

Pen Sketch - Buddha

 The original Pen sketch of Buddha  . I bought a Buddha portrait made out of wood from Bangkok . It was a night when I was sitting idle in front of it over some time  ,I began sketching it . Sketching this one was pleasurable.

Basic color balance in Picasa editor .

Twisted Brush - Kobe Bryant Dunk

Kobe Bryant

Twisted Brush - Clint Eastwood

Pencil Sketch 1


Drew this in 2007 , before the last board exam . There was a black and white photo in the newspaper which caught my attention . I thought it would make a good sketch .