Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Gonzo Dream

The Gonzo Dream-Final
It was 3'o clock in the afternoon , I was attending a boring session of aptitude training along 3000 people in my college auditorium .I wasn't feeling sleepy . I started by drawing a shape . Then started building on it .I got some pretty decent shapes which formed the top left part of the illustration . Then made some random lines . I got the idea only from this point .Until this part I was doing random pointless scribbling .Then I saw the lines giving me some kind of perspective  ,I grabbed it and went on with it developing elements while keeping the concept alive . Then did the usual color stuff (red ,grey ,black) in photoshop .Couldn't leave the habit of using red and grey.













Colored using Photoshop

Monday, 20 August 2012

3D Typography

Had an idea to do a funky and a little bit futuristic typography . Sketched out something that came into my mind . In illustrator , I traced out the outlines and extruded it create a 3D effect . Exported to Photoshop for further work . Created a custom pattern with thick lines of red ,black and white colors . Distorted , skewed and transformations . Then masked them to fill the 3d extruded part .Then applied it on the front part of the text as well . Added some grunge texture with the 'Darker color' mode . Didn't expect this when I first imagined a typography . Then I realized that I am always ending up with some grunge stuff with red ,black being the major color in it . After all everyone has their own style . This is mine !

Sketch - BallPoint

 Outline - Illustrator

Photoshop for applying pattern and textures.

Shadows and shines for the extruded parts .

Adding grunge textures to the text and a rocky texture for the extruded areas .

Adding Background .

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Nagris Fakhri - Painting

This is the first time I tried painting using water colors , I really couldn't stop over doing things in this piece , I spent almost half a day with this portrait . Learned a lot from this experience . Wow , painting is pleasurable . I bought some brushes recently when my bro was getting stationary for his school few days back, Yesterday morning I saw them on my desk , I thought may be I would try something with it . I had this picture of Nagris Fakhri in my pc . Thought may be I could do a quick rough paint job, bcoz I don't really have any painting experience , like do a rough one first and then do the final one .But I started getting really in to the painting and went with the details . When I almost finished , I found that there were some mistakes . Then I spent a lot of time from then on and finally I got something satisfying .

Friday, 8 June 2012


I don't know why I do most of the sketches late at night . That other night , I saw the DVD cover of the movie "Hancock" . It was besides my sketchbook . I grabbed 'em and sketched . It turned out better than I thought . Scanned it and refined it , added colors using photoshop .

 I really couldn't decide which one is better among the two of these ,

Monday, 28 May 2012

Self Portrait - Pen Sketch

I didn't draw this using a mirror instead used my photo as a reference for creating this portrait . Used blue ball point pen .

Painted using grunge and splatter brushes in Photoshop.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Pen Sketch - SRK (Police Ad)

One bright morning in the class room , couldn't remain idle in the class . Saw a portrait of SRK in the newspaper . Took an hour to complete the pen sketch  ,then spent a few minutes  coloring the shades using color pencils .

Made a few touches using photoshop . Masked the shades and tried out different colors .

Pen Sketch - God of War

God of War .

Pencil Sketch - Wolverine

Wolverine , my favorite super hero .

Pen Sketch - Buddha

 The original Pen sketch of Buddha  . I bought a Buddha portrait made out of wood from Bangkok . It was a night when I was sitting idle in front of it over some time  ,I began sketching it . Sketching this one was pleasurable.

Basic color balance in Picasa editor .

Twisted Brush - Kobe Bryant Dunk

Kobe Bryant

Twisted Brush - Clint Eastwood

Pencil Sketch 1


Drew this in 2007 , before the last board exam . There was a black and white photo in the newspaper which caught my attention . I thought it would make a good sketch .